Culture & Diversity


We promote an atmosphere that encourages team members to present ideas and provide feedback. AmNet organizes collaborative efforts to have projects and tasks worked on as a team with the company goals in mind in mind that are resonant of our core values.


We view diversity as a collective mixture of cultures, concepts and philosophies that include differences and similarities of education, age, length of service, title, regional and ethnic background, family structure, values and beliefs. We understand that these differences and similarities - when mutually respected and properly harnessed - will enable us to better serve our customers and achieve our business objectives. We believe that when people with different perspectives and different ideas come together, they not only benefit our customers but also our employees. We recognize diversity as a business imperative, a core value, and an investment in our future.

AmNet promises the following: Workforce Diversity

Encouraging the cultivation of an inclusive work environment where all employees are respected and can perform at their fullest potential.

Multicultural and Emerging Marketing

Promoting retention and expansion of our customer and consultant base through increased partnerships within multicultural and emerging markets.

Community Partnerships

Demonstrating a competitive leadership advantage by fostering a healthy work environment.

Supplier Diversity

Advocating the development of partnerships with our diverse business communities and thereby contributing to their overall economic growth and expansion of our markets.

Our business will foster a corporate environment where respect for the broad spectrum of diversity that exists in our workforce and customer base is both intrinsic and rewarded. Our competitive advantage lies in our employees' diverse talents, life experiences, work styles, and ideas. We will harness this competitive advantage by encouraging employees to seek innovative and visionary solutions to drive our business. We will deliberately link all diversity initiatives to our overall strategic business goals. We will measure our success by using the same tools we use to measure the health of our business: profitability, customer and employee satisfaction, as well as community recognition.