Employee referral program

At AmNet we believe all our employees are part of our recruiting team. It is part of our underlining philosophy that word of mouth is the best way to bring talented individuals on board. Employees who refer people to be part of our talented resource pool become eligible for a referral bonus.

Health Care

At AmNet, we understand the importance of having good health care benefits. As part of our commitment to enrich the life of our employee during their tenure with the company, we offer them a choice to enroll in our medical, dental and vision plans. All full-time and some qualifying part time employees in exceptional cases may be eligible to enroll from the completion of 90 days of employment with the company.

401(k) savings plan

All full-time employees are eligible to enroll in the company sponsored 401(k) plan in accordance with company policies. AmNet also matches up to a certain portion of the contributions of the employee.


AmNet offers paid time off to its exempt full time on-site (non-hourly) employees to take care of the little errands of life, spend time with friends and family or sometime just to de-stress. The paid time off is on an accrual basis, where you accrue days based on the number of days you have worked with the company. The employees are free to take the paid time off days at their own convenience when they deem it necessary.