Consulting Services

AmNet Services’ team of consulting experts is here to help the carriers fine tune their network, reduce costs by improving efficiencies and maximizing their profitability. With today’s ever changing landscape of technologies, AmNet’s team of consultants provide carriers with the technical expertise to maximize the efficiencies and drive the network deployment and maintenance costs down.

AmNet staff of consultants have expertise with RAN technologies of modern networks i.e. 3G, 4G and M2M. We have also provided SME expertise to help many customers develop strategies to prepare for 5G deployment and offload current capacity issues.

AmNet will develop models and proposals for our customers to address problems at hand. Our solutions utilize all the available options which includes software, E2E, turnkey or contingent staff approaches. Network Operator specific solutions will include comprehensive analysis of network coverage & quality, network capacity and service performance; to achieve increased network utilization, higher capacity & coverage, increased customer satisfaction, better network perceptions and be more cost effective.

AmNet will work with your team to realize the maximum gains and develop customized solutions for your needs.